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About Our Co-op

In March of 1981 a meeting was sponsored by Langley Community Services. The purpose of this meeting was to form a Housing Co-operative in the Langley area. In January of 1982, after many months of searching for land in both the city and municipality of Langley, we were successful. Land was located in the Walnut Grove area of Langley municipality on 96th Avenue, just off 200th Street. The selection of this land for our Co-operative resulted in a split in the membership. Some members did not want to live in Langley municipality but wanted to live in Langley city. They terminated their membership in the Co-operative (then called Nicomekl) with the intention of finding land in the city of Langley.

Those who stayed on named the new Co-op Walnut Grove Housing Co-operative. By now Columbia Housing Advisory Association was working quite closely with us. In February of 1982 our mortgage was authorized by C.M.H.C. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 8th 1982 at 2:00 p.m. The long-awaited start of construction finally came in June of 1982. As well, the construction contract, the contract with C.M.H.C. and the mortgage were all finalized that month.

Construction progressed well throughout the summer and early fall. But in the late fall there were many delays, due mostly to cold and rainy weather. Our membership were finally given the long-awaited news at the end of November 1982. Move in would be on January 15, 1983!!!

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The co-op is not accepting applications at this time. Once a vacancy occurs, a date for an orientation meeting will be set where applicants may attend and provide a cheque for the $20 application fee.